Embraced by the inspirational and enchanted southwestern New Mexico landscapes, Kenneth Tyger’s passion for painting emerged. His paintings and drawings reveal the wonder and sincere devotion he feels towards nature.

Although Kenneth is a native of Pennsylvania, his soul was born in New Mexico. His gift, a remarkable ability to paint, was unearthed shortly after his arrival in New Mexico at age sixteen. Kenneth was guided by his uncle, L.M. Shinn, a renowned artist and owner of Bosque Studio Art Gallery. Shinn provided a solid foundation for Kenneth as he entered into his journey as an artist.

Other influences on Kenneth’s early artistic development were the rich heritage of New Mexico’s Spanish and Mexican cultures. He is also grateful for the opportunity he has had to observe through his close association with New Mexico’s Isleta Reservation, the Native American’s great respect and appreciation for the beauty of the land.

Kenneth Tyger has exhibited in local, national, and international art shows and has been awarded honors. His paintings have been purchased in local and international art exhibits.
As an artist, Tyger hopes to restore in his audience an awareness of their senses. He hopes to artistically present the problems that threaten our ecosystems: from dolphins and whales affected by sonar intrusion from noise pollution, to invasive species wiping out native plants and wildlife. He wants to shake loose the numbing lack of awareness of our people, as well as cultures around the world to the truth of what they see before them.

Mother nature speaks; Tyger’s goal is to be part of her voice through his work.
Tyger’s paintings evolve from the mainstream of nature, to realism, to abstraction bordering on surrealism. He works his art, exploring through the forms and colors of nature’s landscapes. His compassion to advocate and protect nature and wildlife is used subjectively by taking an aesthetic approach of the dichotomy of the pressing issues of his time. He paints showing nature’s beauty and balance often contrasted with the destruction of it. He enjoys working with a variety of media that includes lithography, intaglio, and ceramics. He is pioneering different techniques, using the phenomena of color to compare and contrast boldness, which complements an infinite variety of hues. He likes to bring his audience into the mystic depths and layers of complexity by using diversity of technique and subject matter.

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